SwedSafe manufactures earplugs of different types & sizes so that there is an alternative that suits you in different situations. Whether you are looking for earplugs to sleep undisturbed, to help you increase concentration when working or studying, to keep water out of your ears, to avoid earplugs when flying, to prevent hearing damage at concerts and at high noise levels, or to reduce wind noise when riding a motorcycle, we offer something that suits you!

Using earplugs is a simple way to increase the quality of life, but which earplugs are experienced best or most comfortable is an individual matter. Should you therefore feel unsure about which earplugs are right for you, you are welcome to contact us for further advice.

Foam plugs

High quality foam plugs made of Polyurethane.

Preformed earplugs

Reusable earplugs molded in TPE.

Malleable earplugs

Earplugs for sensitive ear canals made of Wax and Silicone.