Sustainability and high quality are two of our core values ​​and have been so since the beginning.
That we produce earplugs in a sustainable way has always been one of our most important focus areas.
High-tech production is a key factor for our sustainable manufacturing and something we are constantly working to develop.
Today we can proudly announce that in our production we:

– Does not use any solvents when cleaning, but only washes with cold water and high pressure. The residues that remain are removed mechanically.
– Uses self-produced electricity from solar cells that power part of our production.
– Has no CO2 emissions – our production is powered by electricity that comes from renewable sources such as water, wind and sun.
– Has no waste water – the washing water is collected in a special tank and evaporated using the cooling air from our compressor.
– Has minimized cassation.
– Reuses all ventilation air – heat generated in production and buildings is recycled in the heat pump and led to dryers that dry the earplugs.

We constantly perform quality checks on production, as well as on all manufactured batches. There we assess
both appearance and function.
We have achieved a very low discard rate, and the earplugs that nevertheless do not pass our quality control due to appearance, we use for various marketing activities to further reduce waste.