Earplugs for all situations

Using earplugs is an easy way to improve your quality of life. With the right earplugs, you can sleep undisturbed, increase concentration while working or studying, block water from your ears, avoid capping when flying, prevent hearing damage at concerts and at high noise levels, or reduce wind noise when riding a motorcycle.

Which earplugs are experienced best or most comfortable is individual, but we manufacture all types of earplugs so that there is something suitable for every situation and for every person.

We are a manufacturer in the hearing protection industry and our focus is on earplugs. Earplugs are commonly used to block dangerous noise, and our earplugs are of the highest quality and ensure safety for the user. Today, earplugs are also used by many to increase the quality of life; to be able to sleep better, to increase concentration or to seal against water in the ears. We have earplugs for all these situations.

Our strength lies in our extensive knowledge, competence and experience in producing durable and high-quality earplugs. Specifically, earplugs made of polyurethane (more commonly known as foam plugs or disposable plugs) are our specialty. DÀr Àr vi ocksÄ ett av vÀldigt fÄ tillverkande företag i vÀrlden, och det enda i Europa.